All Volcano Complex Services OPEN

Dear members of Volcano Health Club,

We would like to inform you that as of June 1, 2021 all memberships will be automatically activated, payments for your memberships will be made according to the terms and conditions of your membership.

Client Service Monika Mašková
Phone 602 127 292

OPEN Wellness

It is our great pleasure to welcome you to the fully opened Club, including the Wellness and Summer Terrace, on Monday 31 May 2021.

We look forward to meeting you on Monday!

OPENING Volcano Grill House

We are excited to announce that Volcano Grill House will be fully opening on May 31, 2021. Don’t miss your chance to dine at a table.


Introducing the new studio lesson schedule.

Schedule effective May 31, 2021 HERE

NEW COACH Anna Švecová

We are all different. This applies to life and exercise. As a trainer I can approach each of you individually.
I focus on strength and corrective exercise designed not only for performance, but primarily for injury prevention and 21st century pain prevention.
I also work in the field of nutritional counseling, where I emphasize rational eating and healthy eating habits that a person can maintain for the rest of their life.

Reservations at 737 134 433

NEW COACH Petra Konrádová

I am a former competitor in sports aerobics, which I did throughout my childhood and into adulthood. Based on my enthusiasm for movement, I became a fitness trainer, group class instructor, nutritionist, but lately I have been focusing mainly on health exercises and functional movement.
I am of the opinion that with a properly designed workout with appropriately chosen exercises, one does not have to spend hours exercising to feel good, move without pain and get results.

Reservations on tel. 720 458 858

NEW COACH Filip Kalousek

The combination of physiotherapy and strength training has brought me closer to understanding how to live a pain-free life and then push my limits on this solid foundation.
As a coach, I try to pass on this acquired knowledge and values in the best possible way to help people achieve their goals.

Reservations on tel. 731 300 765


A unique sensory experience where the interplay of delicate ingredients, aromatherapy and the power of human touch will bring an unforgettable experience of deep relaxation and peace of mind.

Reservations on tel. 602 127 292


A lifting treatment that renews the skin’s surface. Combined with an exclusive active massage, it stimulates cell renewal and imparts fullness.

Reservations on tel. 602 127 292

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