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Changing high and low temperatures relieves your stressed muscles and joints and positively affects cellulite. With long-term use, sauna contributes to strengthening the body, treating allergies and removing harmful substances. Sauna gives your body the energy you need and relieves you of accumulated stress.

The infrared sauna heats the human body using infrared radiation. The resulting effect is improved blood circulation in various body parts and sweating, during which toxic substances, heavy metals, carcinogens, nicotine, and many other harmful substances are excreted from the body along with sweat droplets.

The steam bath, combined with the delicate aroma of natural essential oils, is a popular relaxation. It helps to relax the muscles, it is beneficial for your airways, it helps to detoxify the body and improves blood circulation. In addition to total regeneration, it also contributes to strengthening the immune system.

A whirlpool tub with massage jets is a caress for your strained muscles. It will also relieve your back pain and is a very pleasant way to actively relax.

The name comes from the Latin word “tepidus”, which marked the heated Roman baths. In our wellness area you will find two sunbeds heated to the temperature of the human body. Relaxation will encourage and relax. Tepidarium also relieves stress, strengthens the immune system and helps regenerate the body.

The Volcano complex emphasizes a connection with the surrounding nature. That’s why a part of the relaxation zone is situated on an outdoor terrace. Amidst the rustling of trees and birdsong, you can fully enjoy your relaxation.

The fitbar offer includes both hot and cold beverages and snacks that meet the principles of healthy lifestyle. So enjoy your stay in the wellness refreshment.

Wi-Fi internet access is available in all Volcano Spa and Beauty Clinic facilities. Fresh air and a pleasant climate will ensure air conditioning and high-quality ventilation systems with heat recovery.

Experience a touch of exoticism and transfer to a rousing Thailand. Volcano Spa offers popular Thai Sabai massages that use ancient acupressure techniques combined with aromatic oils for your relaxed body and mind.

The combination of full body oil massage with hot lava stone massage can inspire wonderful feelings of relief and relaxation. The lava stones, with their vibrations and warmth, influence the energy paths in the body, relaxing the muscles and, in conjunction with the pleasant smell of oils, it has a beneficial effect on your mind. Massage can inspire feelings of relaxation and relaxation. Massage is not suitable for pregnant women, varicose veins, inflammation of the veins, injuries or skin diseases. People suffering from diabetes or other illness should have a doctor’s permission.

Traditional Thai massage, a well-known art that was previously run by masters skilled in the treatment of Thai churches. It acts on pressure points, muscles, tendons, bends and stretches the spine, relieves tension, releases the joints and delivers relaxing calming body. Massage suitable for the removal of pain and tension in the muscles.

Therapeutic oriental aromatherapy combines the effects of tropical scents with soothing acupressure.

A stimulating hot herbal massage, a traditional procedure used by the warriors of the Ayutthian epochs (14th-18th centuries). The hot herbal package opens up the pores, the heat affects the depth of the muscle, relaxes the tension and revitalizes the mind. It follows a revitalizing herbal oil massage to restore vitality.

Regenerative reflex massage of the back, shoulders, neck, heads and ears. It relieves the feeling of stress and tension. Suitable after a visit to fitness.

A special combination of massage techniques and use of camphor-menthol ointments, aimed at the neck, head, shoulders, cervical and lumbar region, with an emphasis on the sciatic nerve. Repeating the procedure also leads to the removal of chronic back pain.

  • FOOT: 30 min. 790,- Kč, 45 min. 1 090,- Kč

    in combination with another massage 400,- Kč

Relaxation massage of the “inner body” to strengthen the immune system by means of acupressure of reflex points on the feet, where the nerve endings of all internal organs are located. The stimulation of these points results from the harmonization of the organism, the relaxation of internal tension and, last but not least, the acquisition of a sense of lightness. The procedure is complemented by head, neck and shoulder massage.

A massage made for today. Due to sedentary jobs and lack of daily movement, unpleasant pain in the sacral and lumbar region and shortening of the sitting muscles are caused. During the massage, the whole legs, sitting areas, lumbar and cervical spine are relaxed.

Relaxing massage for expectant mothers (suitable from the end of the 3rd month of pregnancy), which relieves the stressed lumbar spine and removes headaches. Virgin coconut oil has a beneficial effect on the stomach lining of the stomach and in the prevention of striae. Sensitive touches of the therapist, coconut oil and relaxing music create harmony that benefits not only mom. (Massage can not be combined with foot reflexology.)

During the Hand Reflexology massage, you can treat your hands to special care. Jemný peeling a následná tlaková masáž zprůchodní energetické dráhy a dodá pocit lehkosti. We recommend it especially for those who have strained arms from working on a PC or engaging in manual labor.

15-minute anti-stress head massage. Can be booked only in combination with another massage.

A ritual treatment that restores the skin’s surface. In combination with exclusive active massage, it stimulates cell renewal and lends fullness.

The natural coconut scrub removes dead keratin cells from the skin and prepares the skin for a beneficial massage with virgin coconut oil, which is exceptional for its softening effects. The skin of the face and décolleté will be especially gently treated with the original coconut packets. This is followed by a massage with a rejuvenating coconut mask.

Hot herbal bundles containing black pepper, ginger, menthol, turmeric, salt, nutmeg, clove, and tamarind, along with special orange oil infused with cinnamon extracts, help with detoxification, blood circulation, and overall skin improvement.

A gentle coffee scrub removes dead keratin cells and prepares the body for a slimming wrap made from seaweed, guarana, horse chestnut, and lemon balm. A massage with coffee oil helps to break down subcutaneous fat. This is followed by the application of a vitamin-rich facial mask.

A warming procedure in which a combination of herbal powder and oil from a special blend of herbs with antibacterial, antiseptic, natural antibiotic, and tightening effects is applied to the entire body.

Sports massage is a special type of massage designed to help athletes improve their performance, speed up healing, and prevent sports injuries. It includes various techniques focused on muscles, tendons, and joints.
Aroma masáž je druhem masáže, který kombinuje výhody masáže s použitím esenciálních olejů z rostlinných extraktů. Tyto oleje mají charakteristické vůně a jsou vybrány s ohledem na jejich terapeutické účinky. Aromatherapy massage is known for its relaxation and health benefits, providing the client with a comprehensive sensory experience.
Anti-cellulite massage is a specialized massage technique designed to reduce cellulite and improve the appearance of skin that may be affected by orange peel texture. This massage technique combines various massage methods with the goal of improving lymphatic drainage, blood circulation, and skin elasticity in areas affected by cellulite.
Fascial therapy is a form of manual therapy that focuses on treating fascia – the thin layer of connective tissue that surrounds and connects muscles, organs, and other structures of the body. Fascia plays a crucial role in maintaining the body’s stability and flexibility, and thus can be the target of various problems and pains.
Rehabilitation exercises are an important part of physical therapy. These exercises aim to restore proper body function, increase muscle and tendon strength, improve mobility, overall body posture, and reduce pain The description of the rehabilitation exercise can be specific to a particular diagnosis and the client’s needs.
FG Salon offers high-quality and effective skin and body care with Scens cosmetics.
It is an organic and vegan skincare line, containing natural, effective active ingredients extracted from the most exclusive plants and flowers of the planet.
More information and reservations at http://www.fgsalon.cz/
Thorough cleansing, brightening, and hydration. Without redness and irritation.
Regulates sebum production, mattifies, and hydrates.
Firms, reduces fine lines, and contours the face.
Restores, nourishes, and firms. Oxygenates and brightens.
Brightens and oxygenates. Creates a new skin texture.
Cellulite and swelling / Activates the lymphatic system. Eliminates toxins, drains fluids. Not suitable in case of thyroid disease.
Sagging skin with a lack of elasticity / Firms and oxygenates the skin. Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.
Cellulite / Activates the lymphatic system. Reduces the appearance of orange peel skin. Not suitable in case of thyroid disease.
Body and face, an exceptional experience with exfoliation.
Body and face, an exceptional experience with a firming effect.

Our exclusive horizontal sunbed ensures your comfort and free air circulation during relaxation, offering you the illusion of sunbathing on a sunny coast. It lacks the upper part as we know it from conventional sunbeds. All UV sources are integrated into the lower part of the sunbed. The arm with specially layered glass anti-reflectors optimally illuminates the tanning surface. The Open Sun has extra power for long-lasting, intense tanning, all at a pleasant temperature and a dazzling sense of freedom.

  • 1 minute 21 Kč
  • prepay 90 min. 1 639 Kč (1 minute = 18.2 Kč)
  • prepay 160 min. 2 739Kč (1 minute = 17.1 Kč)
  • creme 69 Kč