Spa & Beauty​

Unleash the world of relaxation and rest. Enjoy an oasis of tranquility amidst the beautiful countryside and indulge in a luxurious day trip. Treat yourself to the best treatments and pamper yourself in the Spa and Wellness of Volcano Complex. You will enjoy luxurious wellness, spa and beauty or thai massage.


Finnish sauna
Changing high and low temperatures relieves your stressed muscles and joints and positively affects cellulite. With long-term use, sauna contributes to strengthening the body, treating allergies and removing harmful substances. Sauna gives your body the energy you need and relieves you of accumulated stress.
 Steam room
The steam bath, combined with the delicate aroma of natural essential oils, is a popular relaxation. It helps to relax the muscles, it is beneficial for your airways, it helps to detoxify the body and improves blood circulation. In addition to total regeneration, it also contributes to strengthening the immune system.
Whirlpool bath with massage jets is a caress for your stressed muscles. It also relieves back pain and is a very pleasant way to actively relax.

Tepidarium / heated deck chairs
The name comes from the Latin word “tepidus”, which marked the heated Roman baths. In our wellness area you will find two sunbeds heated to the temperature of the human body. Relaxation will encourage and relax. Tepidarium also relieves stress, strengthens the immune system and helps regenerate the body.
Relaxing deck chairs on the outdoor terrace
Volcano complex emphasizes the connection with the surrounding countryside. Therefore, part of the relax zone is located on the outdoor terrace. With the sound of tree noise and bird singing, you can enjoy your rest at the maximum.
Refreshment service
The fitbar offer includes both hot and cold beverages and snacks that meet the principles of healthy lifestyle. So enjoy your stay in the wellness refreshment.
Wi-Fi and air conditioning
Wi-Fi internet access is available in all Volcano Spa and Beauty Clinic facilities. Fresh air and a pleasant climate will ensure air conditioning and high-quality ventilation systems with heat recovery.

Thai massage

Experience the exotic touch and transfer to sunny Thailand. Volcano Spa offers popular Sabai Thai massages that use ancient techniques of acupressure combined with aromatic oils for your relaxed body and mind.

  • 90 min. 1 890,- Kč
  • The combination of full body oil massage with hot lava stone massage can inspire wonderful feelings of relief and relaxation. The lava stones, with their vibrations and warmth, influence the energy paths in the body, relaxing the muscles and, in conjunction with the pleasant smell of oils, it has a beneficial effect on your mind. Massage can inspire feelings of relaxation and relaxation. Massage is not suitable for pregnant women, varicose veins, inflammation of the veins, injuries or skin diseases. People suffering from diabetes or other illness should have a doctor’s permission.
  • 60 min. 1 090,- Kč | 90 min. 1 390,- Kč
  • Traditional Thai massage, a well-known art that was previously run by masters skilled in the treatment of Thai churches. It acts on pressure points, muscles, tendons, bends and stretches the spine, relieves tension, releases the joints and delivers relaxing calming body. Massage suitable for the removal of pain and tension in the muscles.
  • 60 min. 1 390,- Kč | 90 min. 1 690,- Kč
  • Therapeutic oriental aromatherapy combines the effects of tropical scents with soothing acupressure.
  • 90 min. 1 750,- Kč
  • A stimulating hot herbal massage, a traditional procedure used by the warriors of the Ayutthian epochs (14th-18th centuries). The hot herbal package opens up the pores, the heat affects the depth of the muscle, relaxes the tension and revitalizes the mind. It follows a revitalizing herbal oil massage to restore vitality.
  • 30 min. 690,- Kč
  • Regenerative reflex massage of the back, shoulders, neck, heads and ears. It relieves the feeling of stress and tension. Suitable after a visit to fitness, after agreement can be done in the fitness area, in the summer time in the massage outdoor tent.
  • 60 min. 1 390,- Kč
  • A special combination of massage techniques and use of camphor-menthol ointments, aimed at the neck, head, shoulders, cervical and lumbar region, with an emphasis on the sciatic nerve. Repeating the procedure also leads to the removal of chronic back pain. Variant BACK SPECIAL VOLCANO associated with heating in infrasauna for 75 minutes to 1 550,- Kč
  • FOOT: 30 min. 690,- Kč in combination with another massage 290,- Kč
  • THAI + FOOT: 90 min. 1 540,- Kč combination of Thai and Foot Massage.
  • 45 min. 990,- Kč
  • Traditional Thai massage of the whole body over clothing, aimed at releasing the muscles of the legs, lumbar spine, cervical spine, shortened muscles of the office type of occupation. Suitable massage for managers, pilots, drivers.
  • 60 min. 1 090,- Kč
  • Relaxation massage of the “inner body” to strengthen the immune system by means of acupressure of reflex points on the feet, where the nerve endings of all internal organs are located. The stimulation of these points results from the harmonization of the organism, the relaxation of internal tension and, last but not least, the acquisition of a sense of lightness. The procedure is complemented by head, neck and shoulder massage.
  • 60 min. 1 390,- Kč
  • Relaxing massage for expectant mothers (suitable from the end of the 3rd month of pregnancy), which relieves the stressed lumbar spine and removes headaches. Virgin coconut oil has a beneficial effect on the stomach lining of the stomach and in the prevention of striae. Sensitive touches of the therapist, coconut oil and relaxing music create harmony that benefits not only mom. (Massage can not be combined with foot reflexology.)


You can look forward to a professional masseuse Ing. Dita Bohdanecka, who has long-term experience in the field of cosmetic and massage Wellness & SPA hotel Volcano Complex, Mandarin Oriental, Carlo IV Wellness and Le Palais. Her experience is exceptional.

Tranquility Comfort Zone Massage
  • 60 min. 1 250,- CZK
  • Aromatic body massage for immediate sensory tuning and physical and mental relaxation in the busy modern life. For anyone who wants to enjoy a complete experience that brings well-being, relaxation and relaxation of mind and body.
Tranquility Comfort Zone Massage
  • 90 min. 1 580,- CZK
  • Aromatic full body and facial massage for an instant sensory tune-up and physical and mental relaxation in the busy modern life. For anyone who wants to enjoy for a complete experience bringing well-being, relaxation and relaxation of mind and body.
Lymphatic Massage
  • 60 min. 1 290,- CZK
  • The lymphatic system is an important part of the immune system. The cells of our lymphatic system play an invaluable role e.g. in the production of antibodies, in the destruction of bacteria, viruses and harmful substances or are produced as metabolic waste and are expelled by lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes. Against swelling, swollen and painful lymph nodes, fatigue and exhaustion.
Treatment by Master masseuse is +100CZK/hour


We offer our clients comprehensive cosmetic skin treatments and body treatments against cellulite and slimming, firming treatments. Let yourself be pampered by the best professionals in your field, who will diagnose your skin and then give it the highest quality care and perfect make-up. Underline your uniqueness and beauty with luxury Comfort Zone cosmetics, which are the best you can indulge in your skin. Let your beauty stand out in the Volcano Complex Prague.
We do not offer luxury cosmetic and body procedures only to ladies. At Volcano Beauty, thanks to exclusive cosmetic care, gentlemen will also enjoy themselves, for whom we have prepared a special skin treatment. Even men’s skin and body need perfect and luxurious care.
Skin treatment for women and men
Enhanced facial treatment to reduce irritation and skin sensitivity. Depth balance for visibly thin, sensitive and reddish skin.
  • 55 min. 1 555,- Kč / without serum
  • 85 min. 2.050,- Kč / incl. serum, mask
Highly moisturizing face treatment for dehydrated and stressed skin. Instant feeling of refreshment, refine lines, flakes and color inequalities.
  • 55 min. 1 250,- Kč
  • 85 min. 1 650,- Kč / deep moisturizing
Sublime skin
The treatment it renews fills and delivers perfect lifting. Combined with an exclusive [comfort zone] active lifting massage, it stimulates cell regeneration, lends fullness and redefines the face volume. The efficacy of the specific action is achieved by the double peeling with fruit acids, followed by the treatment of an innovative two-phase sucking mask.
  • 55 minutes (lifting / peeling): 1,850. – Delicate Peeling Ideal as the beginning of a curative treatment. Lifting, filling and strengthening the face. Recommended for all skin types with wrinkles and visible loss of tone and volume.
  • 85 minutes DE LUXE (double peeling + two-phase mask): 2 990, – Instant lifting. Smooths the skin while stimulating epidermal cell renewal. Stimulates active lifting, strength and elasticity of the face. It nourishes, brightens and unifies, relieves deep wrinkles.
BODY CARE AND BODY WRAPS for women and me
Treat yourself with a body wrap, which you can relax and give your skin the missing vitamins. Choose a cosmetic procedure that will make your skin silky soft to the touch, nourished from the inside and radiant to look. Each treatment also includes foot or head massage of your choice.
THERMOGENIC Body Wrap Body Strategist Thermo Attack
SLIMMING – CELLULITE REDUCTION Intensive treatment against resistant cellulite with local fats. It visibly improves microcirculation and promotes remodeling of body contours
  • anti-cellulite
  • stimulates lipolysis
  • Reduces fat storage
  • Improves microcirculation
  • 75-minute treatment: 1 680,- Kč
  • 10 + 1 package: 16 800,- Kč
To increase efficiency, a toning ampoule / 160 CZK can be massaged in
DRAINAGE – SLIMMING – ACTIVATION Warming and remineralizing and cleansing body wrap. Deep cleansing mud mask for the whole body. A warm-up treatment for muscles and joints that stimulates the flow of energy and brings an absolute feeling of relaxation, relief and vitality. Helps tired muscles and joints.
  • Increases energy
  • cleanses the body and skin on the body, relieves pain and tension inside and out
  • 75 minutes: 1 650,- Kč
  • FREE 10 + 1 treatment package: 16 500,- Kč
Moisturizing and rejuvenating peeling. Absolutely moisturizing, prepares the skin for sunbathing and hydrates the skin after sunbathing. Removes dead cells and softens the skin. After the treatment, the skin on the body is renewed, firmed and rejuvenated.
  • Multiply the effectiveness of natural nutrients and state-of-the-art ingredients with a special Comfort Zone massage technique.
  • 45 minutes: 1 200,- Kč
Master beautician treatment is +100 CZK/1 hour

Eyelashes care

PÉČE O ŘASY Lash botox a Lash lifting, Grace beauty prodloužení řas

  • Lash lifting + Lash botox

Cena – 1 200 Kč

Procedura, díky které získá Váš pohled dramatičnost a smyslnost! Vaše řasy přirozeně natočí, po aplikaci budou hustší, obarvené a vyživené. Lash botox spravuje strukturu řasy po celé délce. Efekt natočení 4-5 týdnů.  Délka aplikace – 90 minut.

  • Lash botox

Cena – 900 Kč

Dodejte svým řasám potřebnou regeneraci, hydrataci a výživu ( zvětšení objemu růstu řas, při kterém dochází k výživě řasy po celé délce a stimuluje se její přirozený růst ). Lash botox je ideální jako kůra po odstranění prodloužených oslabených řas + barvení. Délka aplikace – 45 minut.

  • Prodloužení řas

Cena – 1000 Kč / doplnění od 600 Kč

Mít prodloužené a husté řasy už dnes není žádný problém. Svěřte se do profesionálních rukou Nikol Junkové a nechte si své řasy přirozeně prodloužit a zahustit. Délka aplikace – 60 / 90 minut.


Not only your skin deserves perfect and luxurious care. Jessica’s professional manicure suit will make your nails tasteful and nourish your skin thoroughly. Perfectly looking nails and fine hands are the perfect business card for every woman. Let yourself be pampered at Volcano Complex Prague.

Perfect hands, however, are not just women’s domains. Men can also have beautiful and neat hands. We have exclusive male manicure in Volcano Complex Prague. Do not be afraid to pamper yourself. Every gentleman should have a neat hands.

Gentlemens Club manicure for men
  • Price: 1 290,- Kč/60 minutes
  • Gentlemens Club is a unique manicure system designed by Jessica specifically for men. Men’s manicure is especially focused on refining the hands, thanks to Jessica’s special peeling. Part of the treatment is also massage with natural oil creams and, of course, dressing and the shape and length of nails on the bath. The manicure is finished by applying the regeneration conditioner to the nails to support their proper growth.
Expres manicure
  • Price: 690,- Kč/30 minutes
  • Express manicure includes treatment of nails and cuticles after bath and application of regenerative conditioner to promote their proper growth.



  • Luxury ZenSpa Pedicure Jessica

Price – 1 290 CZK

ZenSpa pedicure Jessica – this is the treatment of mind, body and soul. Rest your feet, which are exposed to a huge load every day. Indulge in the luxury ZenSpa Jessica pedicure that meets the individual needs of each client and is designed for maximum comfort and well-being. ZenSpa is the luxury you can afford.


Hairdressing salon


  • Blown 500Kč
  • Glamour waves (without washing) 200Kč
  • Bangs (cut without washing) 150Kč
  • Cut (wash, blown) 900Kč
  • Deep nourishment of hair (washing, blow drying) 900Kč
  • Deep nourishment with cut (blown) 1 300Kč
  • Colour + blown 2 000Kč
  • Colour + cut + blown 2 300Kč
  • Highlights + toning + blow dry 3 000Kč
  • Highlights + tinting + cut + blow dry 3 500Kč
  • Highlights foil 1pc. 50Kč
  • Balayage + toning + blown 3 000Kč
  • Total blond (complete bleaching of hair) 3 000Kč
  • Hair cleaning, glare 900Kč
  • Deep cleanse 3 500Kč


  • Men's cut (washed, blown) 550Kč
  • Machine cut men's (no wash) 400Kč
Opening hours: Monday – Friday 8.00 – 21:00 Orders: +420 720 032 708


Our exclusive horizontal solarium will provide you with the comfort and free air circulation during your rest and will offer you the illusion of sunbathing on the sunny coast. It lacks the top part as we know it from the current solariums. All UV sources are integrated into the bottom part of the sunbed. The arm with specially laminated glass optics optimally illuminates the tanning surface. Open Sun has extra strength for intense sunbathing that lasts long, for pleasant temperatures and a dazzling sense of freedom.
Price list:
  • 1 minute 19 Kč
  • prepay 90 min. 1 490 Kč (1 minute = 16.5 Kč)
  • prepay 160 min. 2 490Kč (1 minute = 15.5 Kč)
  • creme 65 Kč


You can book the services mentioned above here. Our staff will contact you with your booking confirmation.