The Volcano Health Club is a luxurious and unique fitness club, whose exclusivity guarantees a limited number of 555 clients, superior amenities, individual approach and perfect harmony with nature. Become a member of the Volcano Health Club.

Volcano Health Club

There are several different variants of membership in our Health Club. They vary especially in times of entry and discounts on other services.

As a member you can benefit from the following range of club services.

  • Cardio zone with Technogym Active Wellness ™ touchscreen (TV, FM radio, iPod iPhone compatible, own ventilation, training programs)
  • Strength training zone equipped with the Technogym Selection Line
  • Space for fitness training with free weights
  • Stretch zone equipped with Technogym Flexability ™
  • Studio hours according to the current schedule
  • Wellness and relaxation area – whirlpool, Finnish sauna and cooling pool, aroma-steam room, tepidarium, sun loungers, heated floor, outdoor terrace
  • Fitness bar with Wi-Fi
  • In case of good weather the possibility of training in the nature reserve
  • Towel service and cosmetic accessories available
  • Permanent coaching service and consultation and counseling
  • Option to open credit for convenient non-cash payments for ancillary services
  • Free parking


2 690 Kč 1 person/month
  • entrance daily until 14:30
  • 5% discount on services


3 190 Kč 1 person/month
  • entrance daily according to the opening hours
  • 10% discount on services


5 980 Kč 2 persons/month
  • entrance daily according to the opening hours
  • 10% discount on services

Off peak

1 750 Kč 1 person/month
  • entrance daily from 12:00 to 14:30
  • 5% discount on services

30 entries

19 500 Kč 1 person/12 months
  • entrance daily according to the opening hours
  • 5% discount on services

10 entries

6 500 Kč 1 person/12 months
  • entrance daily according to the opening hours
  • 5% discount on services

Wellness membership

20 000 Kč non-transferable/12 months
  • 10 massages (60 minutes)
  • 10 entries to the wellness (wellness can only be used before or after the booked massage)


1 490 Kč 1 person/month
  • entrance daily according to the opening hours
  • 5% discount on services
  • for persons from 16-18 years of age


1 190 Kč 1 person/month
  • entrance daily according to the opening hours
  • 5% discount on services
  • for persons from 8-15 years of age

With professional diagnostic systems and state-of-the-art technology combined with experienced, certified and friendly staff, we offer a unique opportunity to comprehend your real status. We will then use the information you receive for a detailed, effective fitness wellness plan that will become the key to achieving your goal in a pleasant way, knowing that you are in the hands of professionals.

In-service fitness diagnostics is part of every membership to better identify your fitness and needs. It consists of a set of tests that will enable us to prepare a tailor-made training plan for you:

  • Joint-range test and basic muscle groups
  • Examination of aspects
  • Sub-maximal aerobic tests
  • Examination of movement stereotypes and posture
  • Diet
  • Lifestyle
  • Assessment of overall health status
  • Posouzení celkového zdravotního stavu
Come and enjoy the class hours in a beautiful setting. Let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of Prokop Valley. Enjoy your studio class in utter peace, comfort and the best possible comfort. Forget overcrowded studios and enjoy the exclusivity of the studio class at the Volcano Health Club.
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is a revolutionary method of exercise and relaxation in hanging bags. Thanks to the zero compression of the spine, it has a dramatically beneficial effect on the whole organism. Thanks to zero compression, it relieves back pain, oxygenates the capillaries in the brain, which not only has a beneficial effect on concentration, but also helps very clearly from migraines.

classical yoga lessons using dynamic strengthening techniques. Training of muscle tension, movement coordination and connection of mind and body. Ended with relaxation, breathing exercises and short meditation. The lesson is suitable for everyone who wants to discover himself.

we have more than 300 exercises and 400 movements at four stations. Let’s train movement, balance and overall psychomotor coordination. Kinesis combines individual and complex exercises of the muscles of the whole body, both superficial and deep. A huge benefit is the compensation of our movement stereotype.

an exercise of muscle tension that connects the body and mind. It offers a balanced approach to maintaining physical condition, strength and mental balance. By improving the musculoskeletal system and coordination, it helps with pain in muscles, spine and joints.

several stations and exercises of different types and tastes. Training of strength, endurance and dynamics. During exercise, we put a little sweat and blood into it and build a great physical condition. We train for number and time, for technique and performance, for strength and a good feeling from training.

The main focus is to achieve maximum physiological range in all joints. During the class we do not just stretch, but move the whole body to improve everyday movement, improve posture, correct breathing patterns and strengthen the middle so that the back does not hurt.

with smooth movement and breathing we stretch and strengthen the body. Yoga stimulates blood circulation and metabolism. Impurities and poisonous substances can be more easily flushed out, resulting in increased resistance to disease and strengthened vitality. Yoga also has a positive effect on the spine, internal organs and energizes. After practicing yoga, one feels rested, stretched and energized with positive energy.

Suspension system for exercising the whole body with your own weight. The main benefit of exercising on the TRX is the activation of the deep stabilization system as instability is exploited during the exercise. In practice, this means that the whole body is involved in stabilizing and fixing when performing any exercise. The intensity is set by the practitioner by the inclination of the body. TRX builds muscle strength, balance, flexibility and activates the stabilising muscles throughout the exercise. It is designed for everyone, from the beginner to the experienced athlete.

The training includes exercises that engage your abdominal muscles and core, while also helping you train stability and balance.

HoopFit is a hooping course for absolute beginners. No prior experience with hooping is required. It is suitable for those who wish to exercise and strengthen the body in a playful manner. 1h of HoopFit burns up to 600 cal/h.

Rehabilitation exercises are an important part of physical therapy. These exercises aim to restore proper body function, increase muscle and tendon strength, improve mobility, overall body posture, and reduce pain

Yogalates is a form of rehabilitative exercise for both body and soul. It includes Pilates elements inspired by yoga asanas and breathing techniques. Its concept is close to physiotherapy.

The training focused on weight loss combines short, intense intervals of exercise with short rest periods. This method supports calorie burning, increases metabolism, and offers an effective alternative for weight loss.

The Volcano Health Club trainers team is a team of top professionals who are being constantly educated in their field and can offer you the best and most effective training that will tailor your needs. Thanks to the Volcano Health Club trainers, the journey to your dream body is easy.

If you’re interested in personal training, don’t hesitate to approach one of our personal trainers.

Price of training based on individual agreement with the trainer.

Our trainers and instructors

Martin Košťál

Calisthenics, health exercises, dynamic training, sports preparation

Petra Konrádová

Aerobics, health exercises, and functional movement

Milan J

Kinesis classes, martial arts, movement coordination

Tomáš Knopp

Strength, correction, development, health

Oleksandra Poltavets


Jan Grant


Simona Boušková


Bc. Radka Macháčková

Aero yoga

Jan Kotranyi

Rehabilitation Exercise