Grill House

Let yourself be carried away into a world of perfect taste and aroma. Sample the Volcano Grill House Specialties, which are prepared for you from the finest and freshest ingredients. The Volcano Grill Restaurant will enchant you not only with the perfect service and beautiful surroundings, but also the perfect offer of delicious cuisine.

daily menu

19.- 23.8.2019


Carrot cream

56,- Kč (1,7)


Spring rolls with chicken and vegetables on avocado guacamole with sweet chilli sauce

96,- Kč (3)


Mixed arugula salad with baby spinach, shredded goat cheese and strawberry

164,- Kč (7)


Spaghetti chitara with seafood in white wine and tomatoes with fresh chili peppers

165,- Kč (1,2,4,7,12)

Main course

Homemade leczo with grilled Slovak sausage, baby potatoes

149,- Kč (3,7)

Chicken SUPREME steak stuffed with Buffalo mozzarella and basil on corn polenta with Roman leaves and Italian salsa

178,- Kč (7)

Slow roast beef neck with herbs and tomatoes with parmesan croquet and pea pods

196,- Kč (1,3,7,9,12)

Chef Specials

Grilled Fillet of Smuhi on Summer Salad with Fennel and Pomegranate with Fresh Avocado Tartar

298,- Kč (4,7,12)

Grilled beef sirloin steak with roasted fresh asparagus in Parma ham with Bernese sauce and potato Grenaile

338,- Kč (3,7,10)


Crumpet with chocolate ice cream and raspberries

55,- Kč (1,3,7)

Daily Menu

12. - 16.8.2019


Pea cream with croutons
56,- Kč (1,7)


Thin slices of roast beef on a rocket-chicory salad with cucumbers
96,- Kč (7,9)


Mixed lettuce leaves with marinated beetroot and crushed goat cheese with pine nuts
158,- Kč (3,7,12)


Penne with roasted fresh vegetables and basil with thin slices of Parma ham and Parmesan shavings
155,- Kč (1,3,7)

Main Course

Pork noodles on curry with peas and mushrooms in cream sauce, basmati rice
158,- Kč (1,7)
Grilled chicken breast on spring potato salad without mayonnaise
164,- Kč (1,3,7,10)
Rabbit leg confit served with spring stuffing, kohlrabi cabbage and quail egg
216,- Kč (1,9)

Chef Specials

Flank steak flavored with chilli pepper on roasted pea pods with grilled potato slices and tomato salsa
328,- Kč (1,7)
Grilled fresh hake on salmon carpaccio topped with lime vinaigrette, served with black rice risotto
298,- Kč (1,3,4,7)


Rhubarb cake
55,- Kč (1,7)


Grill menu

The list of food allergens is available on demand