Grill House

Let yourself be carried away into a world of perfect taste and aroma. Sample the Volcano Grill House Specialties, which are prepared for you from the finest and freshest ingredients. The Volcano Grill Restaurant will enchant you not only with the perfect service and beautiful surroundings, but also the perfect offer of delicious cuisine.

Daily Menu



54,- Kč (9,12)


Baked mozzarella in a slice of grilled eggplant with basil and tomato concassé
86,- Kč (7)


Mix of crispy lettuce leaves with slices of beef Bresaola, Jalapeño pepper, yoghurt dressing
158,- Kč (1,7,3)


Penne with roasted cherry tomatoes and baby mozzarella, flavored with basil, parmesan
149,- Kč (1,3,7)

Main Course

Beef Znojmo roast with chive rice
158,- Kč (1,12)
Roasted chicken breast with stewed vegetables and soy sprouts with baked potato
155,- Kč (7)
Grilled pork tenderloin on Fava beans with mushrooms and vegetable couscous
186, – Kc (1)

Chef Specials

Grilled Beef Rump Steak in Pepper Spice with Roasted Grenaille Potatoes with Red Pepper Caponata
315,- Kč (1,7)
Grilled steaks of sea pike wrapped in seaweed on lemon risotto, flavored with orange juice
298,- Kč (4,7,12)


Strawberries with vanilla mascarpone
55,- Kč (7)


Grill menu

The list of food allergens is available on demand