Grill House

Let yourself be carried away into a world of perfect taste and aroma. Sample the Volcano Grill House Specialties, which are prepared for you from the finest and freshest ingredients. The Volcano Grill Restaurant will enchant you not only with the perfect service and beautiful surroundings, but also the perfect offer of delicious cuisine.

daily menu

13. - 17.7.2020


Mushroom Sour

64,- Kč (1,4,7)


Bresaola Biscuit stuffed fig and goat cheese mousse

116,- Kč (1,7)


Arugula salad frisée and dried tomatoes with grilled pork tenderloin, parmesan

165,- Kč(3,7)


Trofie with roasted pancetta and mushrooms in white wine and mascarpone cheese

168,- Kč(1,3,7,8)

Main course

Roasted chicken breast on braised butter carrots, mashed potatoes

164,- Kč(1,7,9,10)

Roast shoulder of lamb in red wine and herbs, spinach, gnocchi

187,- Kč (1,4,7,12)

238,- Kč(1,3,7,12)

Chef's specialty

Baked halibut steak, hollandaise sauce, salad of beets and carrots

328,- Kč (4,8,7)

Striploin beef steak, potatoes au gratin with tomatoes and mozzarella

348,- Kč (1,7,9)


Strawberry Creme Brulee

68,- Kč(1,3,7)


Grill menu


The list of food allergens is available on demand

Tasting menu

amuse bouche

caramelized Atlantic black cod on carpaccio of white Daikon radish and teriaka creme fraiche

soft cream of roasted butter pumpkin with Shimeji mushrooms and sakura sprouts

grapefruit sorbet with a slice of blooming rose

slowly roasted deer back on celery purée with roasted chanterelles, fava beans, port wine sauce

chocolate fondant with berry sauce, ice cream

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