Grill House

Let yourself be carried away into a world of perfect taste and aroma. Sample the Volcano Grill House Specialties, which are prepared for you from the finest and freshest ingredients. The Volcano Grill Restaurant will enchant you not only with the perfect service and beautiful surroundings, but also the perfect offer of delicious cuisine.

Daily Menu

14.1. – 18.1.2019


Onion soup with cheese toast
49,- Kč (1,9,7)


Marinated chopped shrimps in a ginger salsa on a crunchy toast with mozzarella
95,- Kč (1,2,7)


Sliced ​​fresh vegetables flavored with rosemary dressing with ricotta and olives with tanned goat cheese and parmesan croutons
155,- Kč (1,7)


Penne with roasted beef noodles, zucchini and chilli with basil, cherry tomatoes and grated parmesan cheese
156,- Kč (1,3,7)

Main Course

Baked chicken breast stuffed with goat cheese and dried tomatoes on basil and potato puree with butter corn
158,- Kč (1,7,12)
Roasted duck thigh with white cabbage and home-made potato dumplings
174,- Kč (1,3,7)
Grilled beef sirloin with gratinated cream potatoes and caramelized onion
186,- Kč (4,5,8,9)

Chef Specials

Grilled beef Rump steak with roasted grenaile potatoes wrapped in crunchy Italian bacon served with paprika caponate
328,- Kč (1)
Baked halibut steak with herb breadcrumbs, served with baked vegetables in phyllo dough and marinated red beet
318,- Kč (1,3,4,8,7)


Homemade chocolate cake with sour cherries
58,- Kč (7)

Chef recommends

Appetizers & Soups

Salads & Pasta

Meat & Grill


Tasting menu


Finely chopped tartar of fresh salmon with avocado, marinated shallots and kaparovými blossoms, supplemented with the foam of Dijon mustard


Asparagus cream with Raviolou with rucola pesto and mussels vongole

Main Dish

Fillets love the grey prepared on thyme oil with tempurovanou vegetables and creamy Italian risotto with roasted shrimps and red chicory

We recommend

Pinot Bianco & Sauvignon & Chardonnay “448 S. L. M.” Alto Adige IGT, Girlan 648Kč


Beef entrecote flavoured with smoked salt on roasted fresh spinach with portobello and steeply roasted foie gras, supplemented with dried slices of potatoes Grenaille

We recommend

Painting Reserva Mendoza DOC, Kaiken 648Kč


Variations of Volcano mini desserts for Two

Menu price for 2 persons 1 950 CZK